Chef Neels Table

A word about the Experience

Chef Neel is a budding professional who embarked on his career in food at the age of 16. He completed his classic French training in gastronomy from the renowned Le cordon Blue, in Paris, where he studied and trained under the mentorship of some of the greatest French chefs.

He’s adventurous with his food and likes to push the boundaries and play with flavours from across the world. He’s drawn towards Italian cuisine for its fresh ingredients, French food for its efficient techniques and Asian fusion for its bold flavour profiles.During his tenure in France he worked in various establishments ranging from bistros to large hotel chains, moving up the professional ladder to Micheline star restaurants.

Having returned to Bangalore during the pandemic, he is currently making his way into the Bangalore food scene through this gourmet cloud kitchen and boulangerrie

He’s a passionate and dedicated culinary enthusiast looking to make gastronomic memories with people around the world.

Chef available upon request