Chef Priya's Table

A word about the Experience

Can’t get more Authentic Kodava Cuisine

Chef for 11 years @ boutique Restaurant Coorg, Priya’s home style cooking, authentic family recipes, hospitality and speciality ingredients sourced directly from Coorg has garnered a loyal fan following of food lovers in Bengaluru. Her loving smile and enthusiasm will follow you long after the dinner.

Menu - July 16 -31

Say Cheers​


A combination of gauva & apple with a hint of citrus.

Something Savoury

Kaima Cutlet (NV)

Spices kneaded into chicken, dipped in lightly beaten egg, coated in dried breadcrumbs just coarse enough to form a crisp, golden crust.

Pandhi Curry (NV)

Succulent cubes of pork meat cooked over a slow fire flavored with spices & a sharp burst of kachampuli (dark vinegar) – served with kadambuttu (steamed rice balls) and nuputu (rice noodles).

Something Sweet​

Coconut Souffle

Freash coconut milk set to perfection.